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Mr Raju Sharma

I am happy with the website and the deal that I got from the company. It is extremely user-friendly and quite affordable. Other than its exciting features, team cooperation and support is also appreciable.

Green Valley HS & JC

Mr Dharam Malhotra

Edumis is best web hosting provider for schools in India right now – we love its wide and useful set of features (not to mention its affordable price), and this provider really excels.

Chairman Bhartiya Public Schools
(Chamba, Himachal Pradesh)

Mrs. Jyoti Pidurkar

We have been working for a year with Edumis and they have been fantastic! Their prices are great and service is even better.

Thank You Edumis!

Manikgarh Cement English School

Mrs Satvinder Kaur

Our association with Edumis started three years back. A phone call to Mr. Sandeep Goyal and we were sure that his team will give us a much needed platform. Edumis team is not only efficient but very professional also. Thanks to the whole team of Edumis.

Blossom Heights Public School,
Mhow, Madhya Pradesh

Mohal Lal Bishnoi

This is the best web services providing company in education field. We are very happy to be here on the virtual platform with Edumis.

SVGMS (Government School)

Ram Singh Rajpoot

Edumis द्वारा बनाई गई स्कूल वेबसाइट को कोई भी आसानी से अपडेट कर सकता है! सुंदर Themes और ऑनलाइन रिजल्टस जैसी सुविधाएं स्कूल को अलग अलग रूप से लाभान्वित कर रही है! इन सबके अतिरिक्त कस्टमर सपोर्ट सुविधा बेहद संतोषजनक है

मनमय मेमोरियल स्कूल
मध्य प्रदेश