Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For quick answers to your most important questions, our FAQs are here to help you.

How do I sign up for your school website plan?

Getting a website for school is now easier than ever. Fill in the enquiry form on this website and our representative shall get in touch with you. After sharing a few details about your school, you’ll have your website live on internet within real-2-hours.

What are the annual charges for domain & hosting other than plan costs?

Every website plan includes domain(.in, .org, .com) & hosting services as well. So, basically, you pay no extra charges for domain & hosting.

How secure is my school website?

We take utmost care of your school and students’ sensitive data. Website designed for your school is highly secured with dedicated SSL certificate that assures for a smoother user experience & zero privacy breach possibility.

How does this website take care of board norms?

Our services are totally school-oriented which allows us the bandwidth to take care of all board norms. Feature to update TCs on website with ease is classic example of us walking hand-in-hand with board regulations.

What are the limitations with regards to a client raising service requests for website?

Schools can raise any number of service requests through proper channel. Also, availing EduMIS customer support is super easy and absolutely free.

What is migrate-out policy for EduMIS clients?

It is always tough saying good-bye to our clients, though, our company is flexible for outgoing clients with a hope to again work together somewhere in future. With zero migrate-out charges, we follow international standard rules for domain-transfers.

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